Medallions on the hotbar (100% collected)

Medallions are circular trinkets in Beret that allow you passage to different divisions (or levels). There are six different kinds of medallions in each level, which are all guarded by puzzle(s) / etc.

Different Medallions & Information
White medallion Full white medallion; placed somewhere in the division/level 1 per level
Blue medallion Small blue fragments; scattered throughout division/level 100 per level
Orange/yellow medallion Orange/yellow (the color is debatable) medallion fourths; scattered throughout division/level 4 per level
Red medallion Full red medallion; obtained through destroying all enemies within a division/level 1 per level
Green medallion Full green medallion; obtained through completing the division/level before indicated time in the hotbar 1 per level
Purple medallion Full purple medallion; obtained through simply completing a division/level, regardless of amount of medallions already collected 1 per level

Odds & EndsEdit

Sometimes you may notice that there is a silhouette of an "X" in the hotbar behind the blue medallion symbol. This means that one or more blue medallion fragments within the current room were destroyed. If, however, there is a faded blue circle behind the blue medallion symbol on the hotbar, that means that all of the blue medallion fragments have been collected within the current room. As was indicated by the graph above, once all 100 fragments have been collected within the current level, you will gain the blue medallion.

You may also notice a flashing red "X" during a level in the hotbar, right next to the red medallion symbol. This simply means that you have not destroyed all enemies within the current room yet. Once you destroy every single enemy in the current room, that "X" should turn into a faded red circle. That means that the current room is cleared of enemies, however you must exit the room before that is made official. Once you leave the room, the next time you enter said room, that space will then be a faded green circle. This means that you have defeated every enemy inside the room and it has been saved. And as was said in the chart above, once you defeat all the enemies within the current level, you will receive the red medallion.