Telekinesis is a technique used by Beret to move objects around. It is critical to his success in every level in the game. Using telekinesis, Beret can move certain types of objects around if the player drags them with the left mouse button. Beret can also throw objects by dragging them with telekinesis and then releasing them.

Beret cannot move an object by telekinesis if the object is too far away (a guide for this is toggled when the right mouse button is clicked) or if there is an opaque wall or a darkness tile blocking Beret's vision of the object, or if the object is supporting Beret (directly or indirectly) and would otherwise fall. Beret can grab, but not move, an object whose movement depends on some other object. (That is, Beret cannot move an object linked to a pink or blue link block and he cannot move a green or purple link block which is linked to an object.)

Several objects in the game react to telekinesis; for example, telekinesis wall will turn solid when Beret is using telekinesis.

In versions 1.0.99999 and later, Beret's eyes glow white when using telekinesis.

Objects susceptible to telekinesisEdit