Antiseekers are teleseekers' closest relative, but because they have many different properties we have decided to give them their own page.



Red Teleseeker

Teleseekers are small enemies that move through the air. They all stationarily bob up and down in mid-air when certain conditions are met, and chase the player at a quick pace when other conditions are met.  They come in four different colors: red, yellow, blue and purple.  Teleseekers cannot be destroyed by smashing them against other objects.

Red teleseekers chase Beret only if the player is using telekinesis.  Yellow ones chase you only when you are not actively using telekinesis. Blue ones always chase the player no matter what, and purple teleseekers move in the opposite direction of Beret's position and attempt to avoid him at all times.


Yellow Teleseeker

Kiwisauce's InputEdit

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Blue Teleseeker


Purple Teleseeker